NRP offers experience from the executive level to exceptional account managers to our industry-leading customer care team. With a deep knowledge of roofing and facility management, the NRP team evaluates customer needs and provides solutions that offer strong return on investment and a consistent, excellent customer experience. Meet the NRP team that brings decades of roofing experience to your office and rooftop.


Steve Little
Steve Little
Kyrah Coker
Kyrah Coker
Company Integrator
Tony Rader
Tony Rader


Diane Alcala
Assistant Accounting Manager
Kim Baxter
Director of Revenue
Brittney Bejar
Customer Service Admin
Samantha Bell
Client Success Manager
Michael Bizzoso
National Account Manager
Caitlin Blair
Director of Human Resources
Laura Caswell
Project Coordinator
Madi Cazzola
Strategy and Risk Manager
Kyle Christmon
Strategic Project Manager
Elysia Cordar
Survey Coordinator
Khailyn Davis
Proposals Coordinator
Allison Doyle
Accounting Clerk
Paige Gilbert
Senior Proposals Coordinator
Ben Gromatzky
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Jason Haynie
Customer Service Coordinator
Kristi Hill
Executive Assistant / Sales Admin
Deamberia Hughes
Customer Service Coordinator
Lynn Kale
Collections & Credit Manager
Heather Koenning
Project Manager
Jennifer Laube
Sales Administrator
Sebastian McMichael
Project Manager
Josh Mock
National Account Manager
Chris Nagy
Senior Project Manager
Destiny Nicholas
Project Cost Accountant
Eddie Nuñez
Solar Productions / Inside Sales
Ernesto Palomino
Marketing Manager
Paul Petkosh
Patrick Piket
National Account Manager
Kelli Robillard
Roofing Coordinator
Corrie Sanders
Revenue Controller
Shelby Stephens
Report Coordinator
Whitney Thomas
Office Manager
Tori Turner
Proposals Manager
Elizabeth Vanek
Client Success Coordinator
Tristen Ward
Operations Administrative Assistant