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Top Manufacturers

  • Carlisle
  • Duro-Last
  • Elevate (Firestone)
  • FiberTite
  • GAF
  • Mule-Hide
  • Sika
  • Versico


  • APP
  • EPDM
  • PVC
  • TPO
  • Modified Bit

More About Solar Slip Sheets

What are solar slip sheets?
Solar slip sheets are thin, durable material (sacrificial rubber or plastic sheets) installed between the base mounts of the solar racking system and the surface of the roof. Solar slip sheets serve as a protective layer to prevent abrasions, scratches and other potential damage to the roof surface. Solar slip sheets remain in place the life span of the solar roof system.

Solar slip sheets typically have smooth surfaces to minimize friction and allow for smooth movement of the solar panels. Solar slip sheets may have special coatings or treatments to enhance their durability and resistance to moisture, UV radiation, and other environmental factors.

What type of solar slip sheet will I need?
The solar slip sheet manufacturer should match the existing roof membrane manufacturer to maintain any existing roof warranties.

What thickness of solar slip sheet should I use?
Typically, the thickness of a solar slip sheet matches the thickness of the roof. Other factors should also be considered, such as: the weight of the solar panels, the type of roof surface they will be installed on, and environmental conditions. Contact us if you have any questions about the correct solar slip sheet thickness for your roof.  

What size slip sheet should I order?  
Solar slip sheets should be 2 inches wider (at minimum) than the contact surface of the support system on all sides. 

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