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Repair Restoration Assessment


A proactive preventative maintenance program is the most cost-effective way to eliminate leaks and premature roof damage. Preventative maintenance also helps extend the life of the roof and fulfills warranty requirements. 

As part of NRP’s preventive maintenance program, your commercial rooftop will be cleaned and inspected on an annual basis. This includes:
  • Removal of surface pollutants
  • Cleaning roof of debris*, dirt and dust accumulated from standing water and waterways
  • Inspection of flashing and curbs
  • Minor repairs* performed
  • Receive a complete survey of the entire roof
  • Recommended Work Proposal for all visual defects needing immediate attention
  • Photographs of the entire roof surface, and facility exterior, defective areas, and any completed repairs

*Minor repairs and debris removal are defined on a per roof basis, but generally includes small trash items or foliage (1 bag or less) especially around drains, in gutters, down pipes or scupper/conductor-heads. Minor repairs are limited to temporary seals with urethane sealant unless otherwise agreed upon.