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80% of commercial roof replacements are unnecessary. Roof restoration is a cost-effective alternative to extend the life of your roof. Our highly-trained and experienced restoration team will identify and refurbish major deficiencies of your commercial rooftop before a costly replacement is necessary.

  • Stops leaks
  • Extends the life and warranty of the roof 
  • Does not expose interior of building to the elements
  • Cost savings compared to a roof replacement
  • Green alternative to premature roof replacement

Bi-annual inspections and preventive maintenance are highly recommended to avoid major roof repairs.

NRP can help extend the life of your commercial roof, with a performance guarantee.

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What is commercial roof restoration?
The goal of a flat roof restoration (or commercial roof preservation) is to bring your existing roof up to a new condition without having to complete a full replacement. It is more in depth than simply repairing a damaged roof. Areas of your flat top commercial roof that need repair are identified and refurbished. We work with your roof’s existing materials and bring them back to a new state. In some cases, a complete restoration is required which includes enforcing all weak points of the roof (such as fasteners, seams and flashing). A new roof coating is also added, resulting in a watertight surface.

What is the cost of a commercial roof restoration?
The cost will vary greatly depending on the size, condition, and type of roof. In general, a flat roof preservation is half the cost of a replacement. The lower cost is the result of less labor, supplies and time required when compared to a replacement. If you are in need of a new roof, be sure to also request a quote for a roof restoration for comparison.

How does the performance of a restoration compare to replacement?
A restored roof is often better than new because we are able to target specific weak or damaged areas. By intervening and restoring your aging roof at the proper time, you've added years to its life without a costly replacement.